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John H. Klein

Chairman/CEO, Bi-Logix (Pharmaceutical Executive who has had returned over $3.3 billion to investors through companies in which he was involved)

In the past 6 years, Verena's the only one I call on to address my urgent Artificial Intelligence project needs that must be handled swiftly, accurately, and confidentially. Her work is impeccable and her easy-going way and wit makes it a pleasure.


Verena can really help legal vendors and lawyers, like she helps me! Because she’s got a solid knowledge of the legal industry, she jumped right in and I didn’t have to educate her on the topics we wanted to address. Verena is efficient, capable, talented, and listens acutely. She’s always executed our marketing and branding projects perfectly, getting the much-needed exposure I desired. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a jumpstart getting their name out there, marketing and PR campaigns within the legal field. If interested, please call me for a reference.

Gary Rothkopf

Managing Partner, GSR Consulting LLC

Dean Chase

CEO, Dean Chase Financing Legal Services

Anyone who knows me knows I value integrity and expediency. If you’re considering hiring Verena, let me just say that I would hire her, and have, in a minute, given her moral conduct, work ethic, successes and deep relationships. “V” will make your life and business much better with her in it, as she has mine. She’s brilliant! Good luck and feel free to call me if need be. Thanks.


V’s profound due diligence and deep understanding of me, personally and professionally, and the quality service I wish to offer through Premier Vocational Experts, has been inscribed on every word and image on my website, eNewsletters, proposals, promotional materials, and social media presence. Without her dedication to communicating the right and honorable message, I would still be pondering how to describe my mission and services. Over the years, I’ve witnessed V’s fearless and uncanny ability to jump into the fray and synthesize meaningful concepts from seemingly random thoughts or comments. My life care planning & rehabilitation services firm has benefitted greatly from V’s exceptional convention management, organizational development, and business acumen. We highly recommend V and Vibrant Visions especially if you wish to develop a strong marketing communications program and process for your brand recognition, business development and growth!

Brian Daly

MS, CRC, LRC, CLCP, ABVE/F, IPEC, Premier Vocational Experts LLC.
Trivent Legal

Roy Dixon

VP, Trivent Legal

So thankful that Verena consulted with us. Her work was great! Her website review was thorough; her customized intake form really helped us acquire valuable information onsite to optimize lead follow-up post-events, and her virtual Salesforce coaching helped educate and motivate our multi-cultural team.


In my many years in working closely with marketing departments at some of the highest levels of an organization, I have never come across someone who was so passionate about helping a business to achieve its goals and works tirelessly to make those goals a reality. She is a true professional that works with a laser focused approach on getting the job done.

Brian Schultz

Director of Sales, Medivest.

Mindy Cohen

MSN, RN, LNCC, Owner OnPoint Legal Nurse Consulting

I’ve worked alongside Verena at various national and state legal conventions over the years. Impressed at her professionalism and genuineness, I hired her to represent my legal nurse consulting organization at several events. She’s welcoming, bright, knows how to engage reluctant attorney attendees, and always brings back quality, detailed leads. I highly recommend Verena for project and event management.


Verena is real: she takes responsibility for the highest goals there are. She has the gifted soul of a visionary tempered with the servant heart of a Leader: anyone working, learning or friendshipping with her (same) will come to a higher level of understanding and peace. In turn, they will make a greater difference in their sphere of influence.

Mahalene Louis

Co-Founder Empowering NOW LLC.

Michael Wolf

CEO, Empowering NOW LLC and former IBM Collaboration Sales - Core Account.

Through her willingness and persistent dedication to "be the change" in her own life, Verena delivers a potent and sustainable program for empowering leaders and visionaries to find and speak their authentic voice.


Verena has always been an exemplary strategic thinker. From the time I worked with her more than 20 years ago, I could tell she was destined for a higher calling. I am not the least bit surprised of the success she has attained as a coach and organizational consultant. I am most impressed with her focus on integrity and accountability for her clients as well as for herself.

Melvin Tennant,

II MA, CAE, President/CEO at Meet Minneapolis, and CEO at Internet Destination Sales System, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Caryn Starr-Gates

Owner at Starr Gates Business Communications,

Verena has an uncanny gift of honing right into the issues and stumbling blocks that stand in the way of true fulfillment. Whether it's a personal or business problem that has you stopped, Verena will gently, lovingly guide you towards a deeper understanding of the root of it -- and the new route to take -- towards a more fulfilled life. Thank you, Verena, for your insights and the love you show towards clients.


I highly recommend working with Verena. Verena is enthusiastic and knowledgeable with a strong desire to help everyone become the best they can be. Verena always looks for opportunities to collaborate with other business owners to help them grow their business.

Susan McCue

Owner, Dressed 2 Perfection

Aparna Mulchandani

Owner, Two By Two Design.

Verena has a knack for problem solving - using her creative, out-of-the-box thinking. She is able to relate with you on a personal level and understand your individual needs to help enrich your life. Verena has always been a great friend, supporter and overall wonderful human being. It has been my pleasure and honor knowing her.


Verena is able to see the big picture and help us move toward it without getting lost in the details. She is able to help people and their projects thrive. We are grateful to have Verena's participation in-house and in the communities we serve.

Kathy Smyly Miller

Co-Founder, Wellness Possibilities Network USA.

Dorothy Abrams

co-Founder, Web PATH Cultural Center, Clyde, NY, USA.

Verena is one of the most positive people you can work with. She has keen insight, compassion, and empathy. She is quick, reliable, and honest with the ability to analyze and evaluate.


Verena is a visionary who opens her heart to others and seeks to foster humanity’s highest good. The purest depths of her heart is filled with unfettered honesty and generosity of spirit. She invokes harmony with her very essence and helps her clients discover their purpose. Ms. Verena Aibel is a limitless source of energy who provides a nurturing environment that is unique and inspirational. She is touching the earth one soul at a time thereby making it a better place for one and all.

Micheal Teal

Poet, Psychic, Spiritual Consultant, Cyber Shaman, Canada.

Natalie Tucker Miller

Certified Coach, Founder/Publisher, Ageless-Sages Picture Books for Elders.

Verena is a warm, passionate and energetic entrepreneur. She is upbeat and loving and has firm ideas.


My business partner and I set out a few months ago to find the perfect business coach. We were getting ready to go through the process of dissolving our partnership and wanted to create a win-win all around. (…) It was very important that the person we decided to work with had the right balance of business wisdom and deep spirituality. You have both! (…) Getting and staying in the right environment is extremely important for lasting success. Verena has provided that environment for our company.

Dave Dalrymple

Formerly with B&D Dry Cleaning, Specialists in Fire & Water Restoration.

Mary Ann Maiorana

Principal Owner, Gold Coast Appraisal Group

Through your encouragement and inspiration, I have learned so much about myself both personally and professionally. You've introduced me to so many new concepts that have allowed me to grow and feel renewed. Thank you for being so knowledgeable and caring, it makes all the difference in the world!


Verena is a Presence and an Energy embodying empathy, wisdom and process for those fortunate enough to be in her orbit, or for those choosing to mine her expertise in search of their own goals. Verena is highly successful as a life coach because she has a variety of skills with which to support those who come to her. More importantly, Verena herself is a Seeker, so she knows how to work with the Inner Landscapes we all encounter on our Life Journey.

Anne Wennhold

Past Life Regressions, Shamanic Practitioner and Group Facilitator.

Suzanne Holman

Family Challenges Consultant & Coaching Group Facilitator, Suzanne Holman International.

Verena is an amazingly creative, loving woman. I have experienced her as an excellent virtual learning instructor. She is supportive to her writing students, encouraging and acknowledging their abilities and creativity! She deserves a 5-star rating!


I've known Verena through New Jersey Professional Coaches Association (NJPCA) for a few years now, and have worked with her on various projects. Verena is warm, enthusiastic, authentic, and a true professional in her field as a life & business coach. I'm honored to call her my friend.

Hueina Su

Certified Empowerment Coach, Founder, Beyond Horizon Coach.


Below is the area to view some of our testimonials or to provide one of your own.

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