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Our mission is to offer dynamic and practical support to small and medium-sized enterprises that wish to increase their visibility, efficiency, and sustainability in the marketplace. With a global perspective and an eagle eye for detail, Verena Aibel, President, Vibrant Visions International, is a versatile self-starter and tech-savvy organization and communication specialist with a diverse background in all aspects of corporate communication, marketing, organizational development, coaching, and training. Following is a sample checklist of projects through which Verena could support you and your organization, both in-person or virtually

1. Project Management

Project management Services for start-ups or established companies. Project can range from short-term assignments to retainer-based arrangements to develop consistent record of project delivery including inception, planning, tracking, monitoring execution, metrics and controlling as well as closing out project efforts. Manage stakeholders (customers, vendors, development partners etc.) and delivery expectations; manage assigned resources to ensure on-time completion of planned tasks; manage & own program & project financials including contracts, SOWs & agreements; report on program & project status using defined templates; manage projects through their full lifecycle ensuring delivery within agreed deadlines; and identify, plan and drive mitigation/closure of issues and risks. Projects can include customized business development programs such as topic research, prospect development, convention on-site or virtual representation, lead generation, or outreach services such as post/pre-event follow-up calls, script creation, training, execution and/or reporting.

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2. Sales/Marketing Management

Need to jumpstart getting your name, brand or company out there? Want to grow your business or brand organically? We provide project management and operations support on a micro scale, offering you marketing insights and a customized approach to increase your brand and organization’s visibility and grow your business.

Project Examples:

  • Develop and implement proposal to increase your organization’s visibility, efficiency, and sustainability in the marketplace
  • Constant Contact Management
  • Write Professional Bios, Profiles, Company Descriptions, and Attributes
  • Write Articles/Create Promotional Handouts
  • Copy Writing & Copy Editing
  • Branding Strategy Creation
  • Website Content Updates & Management
  • Blog Posts Scheduling and Content Development
  • Social Media Strategy & Content Creation (LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, Google Place)
  • Needs Assessment/Interviewing Calls or In-Person & Reports
  • Business Development Calls or Leads Follow-up
  • Create Marketing Collateral
  • Mailing Lists Compilation
  • Research Coordination
  • Questionnaires/Surveys Creation & Distribution
  • Press Release Creation & Distribution
  • Press Release Database Creation & Maintenance
  • Online Advertisement Placement
  • Photographic Support 


Marketing Communications providing operating advice and assistance on marketing, business development and administrative issues, such as developing marketing objectives and policies, new product and services developing and pricing, and marketing planning, strategy and execution. Sample projects and services include mission & vision statement creation, website analysis, development and website content creation, social media profile creation and campaign development, printed and downloadable flyers, brochures, business cards, proposals, retainers, administrative resources, invitations, announcements, articles, Top 10 List creations, business plans, logo development, job descriptions, promotional giveaways, individual biographies, webinar/event promotions, exhibit booth design, banners, sample reports, testimonials, photographic services, press kits, press releases, email signatures, corporate letterhead, video creation, and white papers. Remember: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

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Develop comprehensive description of business objectives, goals, and deliverables, including legal business name establishment. Review current brand effectiveness and develop plan to define and establish clear brand identity. Implement plan to consistently establish brand through all forms of marketing communication, including, but not limited to logo development, taglines, eBlasts, personal correspondence, seasonal campaigns, social media profiles, expert profiles, professional membership profiles, eBlast campaigns, advertisements, Google and Yelp business platforms, and content blogs, for example.


We offer exclusive virtual or in-person trade show event management for national and regional conventions including onsite supervision, corporate representation and lead development. We also develop opportunities to showcase your expertise via Continuing Education, Continuing Legal Education, Lunch-and-Learn programs, seminars or webinars to promote your organizations nationwide. Introducing a new Digital Event Strategy Consulting to help you effectively plan, produce and measure the results of your live stream and digital engagement events. 

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Constant Contact Solutions Provider offering eBlasts campaign development for prospect and client engagement for increased branding and callbacks. Mobile-friendly designs. Program Components: eBlast account management, contact database development*, extensive list segmentation (average 30 categories), list maintenance, eBlast Campaign creation, lead identification, and campaign reporting. *Use current list of clients and contacts from various sources (TBD), including, but not limited to event registration list spreadsheets, Outlook, Google, Apple Contacts, or hard copies such as registration sheets, social media sources, and business cards, etc. We create lists of key categories (example: realtors, attorneys, accountants) and subcategories (separate lists or tags such as personal injury attorney or matrimonial attorney) for targeted communications. Generate email campaigns averaging 30-40% open rates.


Digital Event Strategy & Professional Event Management services for in-person or virtual events, conventions, special events, webinars, or Continuing Education (CE/CLE) programs. Special service for executives: we provide personalized “Zoom Ready” assistance to establish a professional-looking virtual office, virtual background, branded virtual background for the team, professional profile photo, and Zoom tutorials. For digital and live events: we can help you effectively plan, produce and measure the results of your live stream and digital engagement events or live events. Handle sponsorship solicitation, promotions, communications, logistics (meeting space, hotel, A/V, and food and beverage). On-the-scene management and registration oversight. Project management of post-event registration lists and follow-up post-event. Project management of trade show participation, sponsorship, special events, staffing, marketing collateral logistics, communications, and on-the-scene management and vendor booth lead. Train personnel for lead generation on-site and lead follow-up post-event. Plan and schedule quarterly panel discussion or “meet and greet” events.

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Are you still fumbling around to fill your prospects pipeline, convert leads and manage contacts? Consider implementing ZOHO CRM software to engage with prospects, convert to leads, transform to customers and grow your business. We can help you with account set-up, management, syncing with most major office applications and Constant Contact, training your sales team and show you how to specify prospects and monitor sales cycle periodically.


Bring in our interpersonal and organizational communication expertise to build your team through group coaching, consulting and training for team-building, team management, transitions or project start-ups. Grow your team through engaging job descriptions, proper recruitment and interviewing practices. promoting or membership development for higher education institutions, community associations, coach/training organizations and human resources firms.


Verena asks: “Is there another way to look at IT?”

Verena is a global biz woman with vision, an executive coach, consultant, writer, speaker and trainer with a Dutch/Singaporean heritage and raised in the U.S. As owner of Vibrant Visions International, Verena aims to inspire and catalyze visionaries worldwide to vibrantly express, publish, and attain visibility for their vision through leadership training, coaching, Top Ten article writing, marketing communications, consulting, and public speaking. Verena has a jovial and irreverent way of seeing things and putting things together. Her perspective often goes beyond what the average person expresses, admits to, or can even see.

Achieving the Inconceivable: In the early ‘90’s, Verena talked her way into an internship position for the German government soon after the Berlin Wall was dismantled and Germany became unified. With only 40 hours’ German language training prior to arriving in Berlin, she was soon dubbed “Eagle Eye” because she had a knack for finding evidence of counterfeited documents, German typographical errors, and deciphering the old German script in key documents. Verena was soon hired on as a consultant and was responsible for researching and computerizing a database of several thousands of properties that had been taken over during the Communist error. She was able to build cases proving extensive historical scenarios of these properties to assist the legal teams fighting to return properties to their original owners or receive restitution for the properties.


In order to create the perception of a viable business, it must be searchable by potential clients who are making inquiries online through various websites, associations, and other portals. Having a website and active social media accounts is imperative. Starting out with creating accounts and providing professional profiles and contact information is the first step. Providing sufficient time to grow in visibility gives your sites a footing, organically, before you spend advertising dollars to start attempting to drive people to your website (the goal). 


Our website development & design services include website review, website analytics reports, website improvement reports, content changes, security upgrades, as well as supplemental customer service, data entry projects, back office support, making outbound calls, receiving Inbound calls, research projects, skip tracing and social media campaign development. Website Development Essentials: 1) Develop scope, general design and content blocks, 2) Domain name research, and 3) Hosting package research.


  • Best Practices Demonstration and Instruction. Learn how to use best practices to enter new contacts or update contacts in all your devices, as well as developing a system of regular backing-up.
  • Culling and safely corralling all your key business contacts (leads, clients, vendors, etc.) from every portal, device, shoebox, filing cabinet, and email program your access.
  • Organize, categorize (industry segmenting), updating, duplicate-deletion, and prepare data for importing into eMarketing programs such as Constant Contact, as well as, for importing into industry applications or programs, vital to growing your brand and your business.
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Currently maintain extensive vendor database nationwide. Assist with vendor selection, bids and vendor relations. Provide event project management for national and regional conventions and special events. Primary contact with fulfillment company, convention logistics company, associations, corporate sponsors and various promotional product vendors. Procure customized promotional products from both internal and external vendors.


  • Speaking Engagement/publicity: Target companies or organizations and approach them to schedule you or your personnel to speak at their event or location
  • Publicity: Coordinate press releases with publicity firm
  • Research promotional item ideas and needs, design/layout, coordinate production/delivery with graphic designer and production studio (recent projects: pens, t-shirts, banners, flyers, handouts, display boards, business cards, etc.)
  • Photography: take publicity or documentary photos, visually enhance, select, layout, and print, email to specific people, or post on various social media channels and website
  • Social Media: prepare fresh content and share via various avenues (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Website: review, edit, sync calendars, update content periodically
  • Service offerings – review and propose rate structure/development
  • Develop plan to communicate new rates to current or past customers
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  • Vision & Mission Statement: review or create statements
  • Brainstorm to craft a statement synthesizing professional brand and articulate distinct offering.
  • Review, develop, or update Operations & Training Manual
  • Organize or facilitate training of all staff/partners in line with the organization’s mission and values
  • Develop marketing communications strategy and update annually
  • Develop job descriptions for key personnel
  • Assist with personnel search, contact, interviews, and background checks
  • Monitor quality of services rendered
  • Conduct weekly, quarterly, and annual meetings with all staff/partners (in person or virtually)
  • Conduct quarterly in-person meetings with all staff/partners

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